About Me



Greetings from southeastern Minnesota, where the winters are brutal and the summers are idyllic! A great place to grow old – for the sturdy and the foolish alike.

I’m not one of those writers who began seriously crafting their vision of being a Real Writer at a young age. At 77, I have not written 73 books nor published 853 poems. As a pastor, I wrote dozens of sermons, inspirational articles and meditations, and I loved the coming of the creative muse. Then I retired. Twice.

About age 70, I had to face being “old.” And I hated it!

It took three intrepid older gurus to change my mind.

Ashton Applewhite’s iconic TED Talk introduced me to the realities of ageism. It was where I was living!

Dr. Bill Thomas’ TED Talk introduced me to the new age of elderhood. It was where I wanted to live!

Bill Apablasa, on his new website, Oxygen Buzz, introduced me to the wonder of joining deep thinking about aging with the freedom that older age brings. All of that to help us get ready to grab on to our older years and hold on bravely and make these our best years. I was ready to grab and to hold on!

As I woke up to a new mindset and a new attitude about my own aging, I knew that I couldn’t keep this amazing transformation to myself.

That’s why I started this blog.

Elderhood has its own blessings and graces, even in the midst of its greatest difficulties and challenges.

Discovering them changes these years.

I’ve been a professional classical singer; a Norwegian rosemaler; a pastor. And now a writer. I’ve been so very lucky!

I’m hoping you’ll join me on the journey! It’s always better with company!

Some of my Norwegian rosemaling