When Calm Comes and Goes

When my first blog was published on September 13, 2018, I vaunted the amazing sense of calm that I had found in my elder years. It had just appeared, it seemed. Without my even asking for it. How lucky was that?

I was home free!

Of course, I actually had asked for it. Calm had arrived, but only after I had done decades of work, gone through changes that were sometimes excruciating, sometimes gloriously joyous. Oh, I had asked for calm. But in the end, it had snuck in on quiet little feet without my really noticing its arrival, until one day, I did.

Calm was my constant companion in my 70’s and I never got tired of giving thanks for it. I assumed its permanence without giving it a second thought.

On May 17th, I will become 79. Almost out of my 70’s. And calm, it turns out, was not permanent. It only took a microscopic virus with an odd little name for a mighty foe: COVID-19, to remind me that life is change, and some changes are more easily negotiated than others.

Calm is at a premium in these days around here. I often have to fight for it (oddly enough). Pay attention to its absence. Try the tried and true remedies when it goes on vacation. Some work; some don’t.

So I depend on my calmer friends, those who are personal, and those to whom I listen as I sit before my iPad screen.

Calm becomes an even more precious commodity in these days because I’ve had to work for it every day. It can take an energy that isn’t always right close by. Some days, it arrives earlier than others.

But it is there, I know. I’m developing patience as I make my way through strange places in my spirit. Calm is still within reach, and it even arrives by new messengers these days.

I am reminded that every change, every discontent, every crisis, every worry has always been the doorway that leads us to the next room that we are to inhabit.

The secret is to remain curious in the midst of it all. To watch – and wait – knowing that we will be different somehow when all of this strange new crisis of a life is finished. To know that in the end, all of the changes have been grace that arrived at its appointed time.

And I’m very okay with that.


16 thoughts on “When Calm Comes and Goes

  1. Calm is certainly harder to come by these days, between our fear of the virus and our fear of the steps we have to take to fight the virus. It’s an anxiety-producing combination for sure. But I’m glad you’re still searching for calm, and have learned which friends to turn to when you’re looking for it. That’s the key, I think: actively seeking calm because we realize that we need it so badly.
    And BTW, one of the posts you wrote about this pandemic was VERY helpful to me, and I shared it with several friends who said it also helped them. So, even as you seek calm in your life, you’re offering to others!

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    1. We bloggers write, in large part, I think, to be of some help and inspiration to others. So if one helped you and some of your friends, then I am very grateful! Greater calm has arrived these past 2 days, so the work has been well worth it. And really, some of the work was just letting myself be NOT productive if that’s what I needed…no judgment, just go with it. We all find it in our own unique ways. May yours arrive at just the right times.

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  2. We are certainly living in a time that goes against feeling calm. I pray for you in these hours…God is here with us, His grace holding us together. Together, we will make it through this, one foot in front of the other. We must do as scripture bids us to do…encourage one another. Thank you for your post…

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    1. Isn’t it amazing what some encouragement can do to lighten our spirits? Thank you for sending me some of yours. We truly have been given each other to weather times like this. Thank you for the encouragement!

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    1. Writing has its challenges, but oh, the rewards when the right words come! And they come so much for you!! And then they bless us who get to read them. May the calm come to stay, and may your writing continue to bring it to your side.

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      1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Martha. They mean a lot to me. I finished three tankas in the last two days, which started with homiletics and ended with Dr. Suess. That was a tough one, but I’m happy with it.


  3. For the last four years I have tried to live a small life, paring down to the basics. It has made me feel calmer. Because of all the chaos I’ve seen being manifested in the world, especially in our own country’s government, I pray continually for peace and calm in this world. Yet, as I pray, I hear God’s voice saying, be prepared, keep watch, it will be worse. And it has.

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    1. All of that preparation pays off, though. We can only imagine what this would have been like if we hadn’t been working at calm all this time. It is still a challenge, even at that. Praying for continuing peace and calm for you.

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  4. I don’t know what is more beautiful…your calligraphy or your writing. Let’s just say they complement each other. And I think you hit the nail on the head when you say we have to work for the calm in our life. And it is work. Especially now. But, as you say, it’s so worth the effort.


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    1. Thank you, Bill! You are one of the messengers who always brings calm to my life! This day has arrived with calm, for which I’m so grateful. May yours be filled with it as well!


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