When just a few words can help


So much that is helpful is being written in these days of unbelievable change. Beautiful words of comfort and encouragement. Words that help us make sense of the senseless. What is left to say that can make any difference at all? On the other hand, what needs to be said over and over anyway?

I’m not known for brevity – either on this blog or by my friends. (How can I possibly be an introvert, you say?) But I thought I might give it a try!

How to spend this time when we are learning a whole new way of life: social distancing? Well, for now – in my self-quarantine – I’m doing more calligraphy and playing around with Washi tape. Just fooling around. Playing. Experimenting. Using stuff that’s been lying around for a while. Odds and ends. Getting a kick out of what’s showing up. Loving that stuff still shows up at nearly 79!

My dear friends, as monumentally difficult as this time in history is, it is a great time to be letting our hidden creative out for a while. Whatever that means for each of us. No excuses. Just give whatever strikes your fancy a try. Especially if you are finding you have extra time on your hands. Creativity heals. It tempers the raucous pandemonium in our minds. It reminds us that there are still possibilities.

So these words of mine, in violet ink, are one small effort to stand up against the forces that threaten our well-being every day for now.  My calligraphy on rough watercolor paper is not perfect, but it’s the thought that counts, right? It’s a little thought for the day that you might carry along with you this week. I think it could last that long if you do keep watch. I’d love to hear where your smiles come from these days!

Or to whose life they just may make a difference.

See the smile.

Be the smile.

Watch the day change, if only for a little while for now.

It. Is. Grace.




14 thoughts on “When just a few words can help

  1. I completely agree about the importance of creativity, especially in stressful times. When I first learned I’d be watching Evan for the next few weeks, I thought I’d have to take a break from blogging, because I just wouldn’t have the time. But I’ve found the opposite has happened: I need to write right now, and I find myself commenting on many more blogs than I usually do, just because I really want to. And I’ve found that I can read and comment on other blog posts even during the day while I’m on Grandma duty. Evan sits on the couch for thirty minutes, watching his beloved “Paw Patrol” while I’m on the computer in the same room. Then we turn off the TV and find something fun to do. It works!


  2. Thank you for this bright spot in my day, Martha. It’s good to hear that you’re enjoying indulging your creativity. The calligraphy that heads this post turned out beautifully. My husband and I are keeping our smiles going by regular texting with our daughter in California and my niece in New York. Take good care.

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    1. We really are discovering the things that feed our souls when they’re being challenged to do more than just survive. Relationships, not surprisingly, head the list. They become even more precious now. I think that will survive all of this, and that is good!


  3. Aloha Marti. Your thought is a good one to start each day. I have found a way to end each one – a way to clear out all the covid crud that has accumulated. Did you know I sing in a Sweet Adelines group? The group in this video isn’t mine, but I am listening to it each evening. It helps. https://youtu.be/LPXLLfrfvjM

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    1. Aloha, Joyce!! So you have a long-standing creative joy – and especially now, you’ve found a way to hold it close. I assume that your group – if this is its season to be together – cannot meet in this way, but you’ve managed to bring this out each day as a reminder, in part, of the community of song that fills your hearts. Thank you for sharing this! I’ll think of you each night, listening and healing the day. Such a gift!

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